Podcast #42: Ben Porter – Ask Me Anything (part 2)

The second instalment of Ask Me Anything, where previous podcast guests get to turn the tables on Ben and ask him to share his thoughts and experiences.

Featuring questions about splitting audiences, favourite views, dream podcast guests, and the future for York’s arts scene, submitted by poet Katie Greenbrown, artist and printmaker Gill Douglas, Grace Abell of Abell Design, Rose Drew of York Spoken Word, Charlotte Dawson of York River Art Market, and writer / director Nikolaus Morris.


Podcast #41: Ben Porter – Ask Me Anything

Thanks to everyone who has watched and listened to the podcast this year, it’s been lovely to see how many people have engaged with it and I really appreciate the feedback that people have sent in!

I’m taking a short break through January and February to work on another project, but before I do I’ve got two episodes to share in which I gave previous podcast guests the opportunity to ask me questions.

This is the first, in which I answer questions by Hannah Davies, James Buck, Jeff Clark, Heather Niven, Nicole Vogwill, Lauren Roberts, and Luke Porter.

3 useful books I would recommend in answer to James’ question are:
The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson
Grit by Angela Duckworth
Benjamin Franklin by Walter Isaacson

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Podcast #24: Nikolaus Morris

Nikolaus Morris (@nikjacek) is a freelance writer, director and animator working for agencies and production companies across the UK, as well as writing and developing his own original content.

In this episode we chat about the illusion of trying to solve the balance of life, how modern audiences are becoming more and more sophisticated, and about not being afraid to chop work out of your portfolio and go after new pursuits.



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Podcast #23: Daniel Maule

Daniel Maule is a director and screenwriter from York, who has just completed his first feature film entitled ‘Our End’, which will be released later this year.

In this episode we chat about his approach to screenwriting and how projects develop from one idea to another, the challenges of shooting his first feature in 14 straight days with no breaks, and how you tend to discover a wealth inspiration in the world around you when you finally allow yourself to unplug.


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